23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees


23- Regent School Maitama N1.35 Million Abuja

22- Bloombreed High School N1.5 Million Port Harcourt

21- Lead British International School N1.5 Million Abuja

20- Norwegian International School N1,843,750Million Port Harcourt

19- Nigerian Turkish International College N1.6 Million Abuja

18- Greenoak International School N1.9 Million Port Harcourt

17- International Community School N1.9 Million Abuja

16- Charles Dale Memorial International School N2,040,000 Million Port Harcourt

15- Dowen College, N2Million Lagos

14- Chrisland College N2Million Lagos

13- Atlantic Hall N2.27 Million Lagos

12- Corona Secondary School N2.55 Million Agbara Ogun State

11- Hillcrest School N2.65 Million Jos

10- Loyola Jesuit N2.8 Million Abuja

9- Meadow Hall N3 Million Lagos

8- Greenspring School N3.185 Million Lagos

7- Whiteplains British School N3.6 Million Abuja

6- Day Waterman College N3.7 Million Abeokuta

5- Lekki British International High School N4 Million Lagos

4- American International School N4.3 Million Abuja

3- British International School N4.48 Million Lagos

2- Grange High School N4.5 Million Lagos

1- American International School N5.5 Million Lagos

Credit: Buzz Nigeria


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