Gov Amosun to build Airport in Ogun

‘Airport is a necessity, not a luxury – Amosun
Says number of companies attracted to Ogun in his 5yrs administration stand at 90

Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun on Tuesday make known his intention to construct an airport before the expiration of his term in 2019.

Amosun while delivering his speech, at a press conference and the unveiling of the logo for the forthcoming 2016 edition of Investors Forum, held at his office at Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, noted that airport facility is a necessity not a luxury.

He said the airport would fast track the socio-economic development of the state, since the state had become number one business hub in the country.

“Airport is a necessity and no more a luxury in Ogun State. Ogun State has become the number one industrial hub in Nigeria. So with our pre-eminence position, the airport has become a necessity. All the companies operating here have the wherewithal to travel by air,” Mr. Amosun said.

The governor said this year’s forum would dwell on three areas, namely agriculture, environment and transportation.

He noted that the state would partner with private investors who would be interested in these three key areas.

Mr. Amosun said his administration had invested in the infrastructural development of the state, and that when the last investors forum was held, the number of investors/companies attracted to the state had reached 90.

He said development came with its attendant challenges, but that the government had ensured that the companies did not degrade the environment with their waste.


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