The story of this US based athlete representing Nigeria will make you cry 

​She goes by the name Chierika Ukogu, 23 years of age, and have virtually lived most part of her life as an American.

Chierika Ukogu

According to source, she is a student of Stanford University and is currently representing Nigeria at the Rio Olympics in a sports called Rowing.

This young woman practically sponsored herself to the games. She had to put her school program on hold and found a way to train with the US Olympic team and qualified for the games without any support from home. No one cared about her. She used the GO FUND ME app to raise funds to enable her participate in this games.

She was not deterred by the challenges, neither did she abandon her country even when the country didn’t care about her.

For her, all that mattered was to represent her country and wear the national colors.

She has just qualified for the quarter finals in her category.

Take a huge bow, Chierika.

You are an inspiration.

Whether you win a medal or not, you have won the hearts of millions of Nigerians and that’s more precious that’s an Olympic gold medal.


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