Relocate your headquarters from Lagos to Akwa-Ibom now,  militants threaten Mobil 

As the seven-day ultimatum issued by Oyobio-Oyobio, one of the militant groups in the Niger Delta to Mobil Producing Nigeria, MPN,to relocate its headquarters from Lagos to Akwa-Ibom State expires today, leader of the group, ‘General’ Obuma Oyobio, yesterday, reiterated the resolve of the group to carry out its threat.

The ultimatum which is contained in a statement by the leader of the group, said: “We hereby give a seven-day ultimatum to Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and other oil firms operating in Akwa Ibom State to relocate their headquarters to the state or face dire consequences.

“We have the capability to burn down any tank farm and bring down aeroplanes and choppers. Oil and gas pipelines will not be spared during our operations.”

The group advised ExxonMobil to carry out thorough clean-up of the environment as is being done in Ogoniland by Shell.

To make bold the threat, the militants called on all oil workers in the state both onshore and offshore locations to stay away from work on the expiration of the seven-day ultimatum for their safety.


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