Eating more salad make you more attractive to ladies

<div style="text-align:justify​A new study has shown that eating salad can increase your chances of attracting more women. Men who eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables ooze out floral and sweet smell which definitely attracts women.

According to Dr. Ian Stephen, a psychologist and his team at the Macqarine University in Sydney, Australia, they found out that men who ate large amounts of meat and egg also had quite appealing sweet smell. Noting that a man’s body odour may help to signal information about their health to women.

“Male axillary sweat can serve as a further honest cue to women, about a man’s health status,” the study claims.

Sweat from 43 different men was collected and nine women were asked to smell them. Men with higher caroteniods (such as in carrots) had better smell and were rated higher. While men who eat more of carbohydrate were those with the worst smell.

Interestingly, men who eat more protein also had more appealing sweat smell. In the journal, diets rich in fruit and vegetables are associated with better human health.

Researchers suggest that same test should be done on women to see if it’s true.