John Kerry: ​Can CAN eat it’s can of worms?

Allow me explain what the idiom ‘can of worms’ is first can of worms is defined as a situation that, once started, is likely to become problematic or have a negative outcome. Kindly note the lines ‘once started’ and ‘problematic’.
How in heaven’s sake would the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) wake up to spew what can best be described as garbage that is only fit for the trash can?
Truly the madness in the name of religion must stop. That religion and politics intertwined in the past don’t make it right.
A nation that has more religious gigantic buildings than factories is surely not ready for development. Our nation keeps breaking records upon records on biggest churches and finest golden mosques built, yet with no factories for the youth. Over the years, what have such buildings in the name of religion brought upon the land?
We must get to that point where the Nigerian state and its value(whatever those values are for I still cannot identify them yet) would be bigger and larger than anything and everything. Like my friend Retson would say ‘who religion don epp?’
For it is only when we patriotically pledge to the nation would we understand that a religious leader ordained as a pastor who says he holds the keys to the gate of hell and he would cast his fellow human being into it is wrong to utter such. It is that Nigerian value that would see a young man tell his radical imam who tells him to kill his fellow neighbour for not sharing same faith with him, and that young man would boldly face his leader stating such an act is not only unislamic but also treacherous to the Nigerian state.
If tomorrow president Obama visits Lagos and gets to see the arch-bishop before leaving to the US, would CAN instruct him to come back to visit the Muslims and the traditional worshippers? Would it be stated that president Obama visits Lagos a region that is not a part of Nigeria? Let the foolishness in the name of religion stop now. For FIFTY years, what is the result of our religiosity in terms of developments and righteous people on the land?
For once let our religious leaders steer clear from comments and contributions that is divisive and utterly irrelevant to the Nigerian state. The Nigerian youth say enough is enough of the many religious madness. John Kerry visited Nigeria, it doesn’t matter the region he set his foot upon, and Nigerians have received him as a representative of the US. CAN should please swallow it’s silly can of worms. 

My name is MICHAEL ILORI, and I just want to make logical sense.


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