See how much it cost to prepare a pot of soup now

​With the recent hike in prices of commodities, it now takes an average of N5,000, at least to make a pot of soup that would last a family of four for four days. This could be the amount some households would budget as feeding allowance this time last year. Some families who spare no cost to give the best to their household can spend much more than that.

The followings are opinions of housewives on how much it costs to make a pot of soup in this present dispensation…


How much does it take to make a pot of soup now?

Making soup is now gold. We hardly make soups again because of this economic hardship. Things are much more expensive now. My favourite soup is Ogbono. If I really want to make a pot of soup, I can’t use less than N6,000. Meat alone will take the bulk of the money. At least, I would buy N4,000 worth of meat or chicken . Stockfish, dry fish, periwinkle and other ingredients can take the remaining N2,000. That is if I have the money and I want to satisfy myself.


How much does it take to make a pot of soup now?

I can’t spend less than N7,000 in making a pot of okazi soup that can last us for a couple of days. Meat is more expensive now. Even if I buy N4,000 worth of meat, it wouldn’t be enough. At least I will give my husband a minimum of two pieces at every meal. Stockfish is also more expensive.


How much does it take to make a pot of soup now?

I will spend nothing less than N5,000. My husband likes ofada stew even when eating solid food. The fact that it has a bit of pepper and other condiments makes it his favorite. I would use the remaining money for other condiments.


To make a pot of soup that would have necessary ingredients that can enrich the body, one can’t spend less than N7,000 in this present dispensation. A kilo of chicken is almost N1,000, at least you would need four kilos. You can only cut a kilo to nine pieces. Let us say a family of four children, each child would take one piece, the remaining five would be shared between the father and mother. One kilo per day. For four days, four kilos. That is just for chicken. You need to buy other items depending on the soup you are making. If it is egusi, stockfish, shrimps, dry fish, egusi, ugu would take more than N3,000. So, on an average, you must budget N8,000.


The beauty of any soup is the nourishment one can get out of it. That can be gotten from the things in the soup such as periwinkle, meat, dry fish, vegetables, etc. If you want to put all those items to enrich a soup, you can’t spend less than N6,000. That is for soup alone. Now, tell me, how many households can afford to spend that amount on soup alone that may not even last up to four days in this present dispensation. If most women would be frank with you, most households can no longer afford that. But that is the ideal thing.


I spend about N4,000. Due to the state of things in Nigeria now, we make more of vegetables and okro. I just make sure I garnish it well so that we can still enjoy a nutritious meal. I buy goat meat worth N2,000 and spread the rest on dry fish, okro, vegetable, crayfish, ponmo and other condiments.


I don’t think it is wise to stick to any amount with the present state of things in Nigeria. Just make do with whatever you have. On an average, the Yoruba would need N4,000, while Igbo would need N5,000 to make a pot of soup that can last for four days.



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