OPINION: Ondo 2016: “Ati Bo lo wo Tinubu”  ( We have been rescued from Tinubu’s captivity ) 

– by Dayo Williams

”Ati bo lowo Tinubu,” Senator Tayo Alasoadura. 

He made the statement yesterday after Akeredolu was declared the winner of the APC gubernatorial primaries. 

Senator Tayo Alasoadura
Bola Ahmed Tinubu

To outsiders who might interpret the above on the surface, there has never been a time Ondo State has being held captive by Tinubu. Politically so to say.
When Alasoadura was going to Bourdillon in 2012 like if he was going to plenary and smiling out whenever he met Tinubu, was he under his bondage then?

When he was made the DG of Akeredolu Campaign Organisation in 2012 and he had to interface with Tinubu almost every second, was he in the captivity of Tinubu? Or even Ondo State?

For those who don’t know, Tinubu and Alasoadura parted ways so to say after the 2012 election when the duo  could not agree on the balance sheet of the campaign organisation.  

I’ll write more on this later when it’s time to publish my memoirs. At an advanced age if it pleases providence to elongate my life.

If you take Alasoadura serious, you are wasting your time. He’s a personal grudge with Tinubu, that has nothing to do with the state and its people. 

Of course those who detest Tinubu with passion will latch on this to further disparage him.

And I say to you all, if Tinubu had not mobilised for the ACN in 2012, the party and its candidate would not have got up to 5000 votes. 

And by the way,, has APC won the gubernatorial election in the state? So, why the gloating?

What if Tinubu switches his support to Eyitayo Jegede of the PDP, would the state be ‘free’ from his grips? 

Or you think Tinubu and Mimiko cannot collaborate for the November gubernatorial election in the state?

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinion expressed in the above article are solely that of the writer and do not reflect that of  SO TRUE. 


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