Revealed! Atiku, Saraki, Dogara, others meet in France to perfect plan on civilian coup against President Buhari 

According to a popular Facebook activist, Bamidele Ademola-Olateju, some heavy weight in the ruling All Progressives Congress are cooking plan on how to oust tough handed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.


According to the post,  top on list of those involved in the unconfirmed report are: Senate President Bukola Saraki,  Speaker,  House of Representatives,  Yakubu Dogara,  former vice president,  Atiku Abubakar,  among others.

The post reads in full:

The Saraki and Dogara Meeting In France

The information filtered in immediately Dogara got to London. I was told he will be meeting with Atiku and they were up to no good. My laser was focused on Atiku and word got to me that he was in Dubai at the time. Sources in the Gulf States were contacted and they confirmed his stay. We kept tabs on him. He stayed in Dubai and did not leave. Dogara went to Dorchester Hotel to meet the Zamfara governor. While we were on Atiku watch, Saraki crept into Paris and he met with Dogara. I was alerted but it was too late to deploy. Dogara did not alert the embassy. They wanted their clandestine meeting under wraps but hey, we will always know.  Here is the plan:

Buhari must NOT have a second term

Atiku/Fayemi ticket
An El-Rufai/Fashola ticket

Destruction of Magu

Attacks must begin on Obasanjo from their new and social media platforms

Deliberate sabotage from within to make Buhari unelectable
The battle for 2019 is here. Buhari can only blame himself. (More on this some day). When the tree you want to lean on is full of thorns, you know you are on your own. Bamidele! Is this war worth going into? Is it worth fighting? Can you and other patriots have the Nigeria you desire? These questions plaques my mind at every turn.
I am confused, I am worried but I am resolute this morning. Even if it means that this generation of fighters can only plant the seed. We will plant the seed. I have adopted the slogan of my daughter’s school. LEAD THE WAY!


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