I write as a law abiding citizen of this great country to inform and educate our father, the amiable Director General of the National Youth Service Corps of the consequences and unforseen malady that may not likely occur but also cause and have every tendency of break-up and disfiguration to NYSC as a scheme.

Sir, it is no longer news that the current Batch B  2015 corps members are likely to wind-up their National Youth Service on different dates as stated in the circular released on  Sept. 16th, 2016. This is a great threat and injustice to the law abiding graduates serving their beloved fatherland.

Going by 365 days calendar,  NOVEMBER 2015- NOVEMBER 2016 is 13months and should not be miscalculated as a year (a rent secured in January expires December, not next January). In line with the above, the calculation made by NYSC is not only fallacious but mock in psychological realm. 
Dear Sir, you will recall that both stream 1 and 2 (BATCH B. 2015) were mobilized on the same date as arranged by the senate, but were dissever due to the incapacity of camps to accommodate the mobilized figures. 
On this note, I wish to bring to your hearing the likely consequences if the decision remains fixed;

1. NYSC Scheme will lose its true value as prospective graduates are likely to be disappointed once not mobilized with the first stream.

2. The current BATCH B (STREAM 2) are in total danger, harassment and helpless due to the expired I.D card starting from October 6th, 2016. And violence might wage war against the the two streams on the said date.

3. Students could go extra miles in order to be in the first stream due to this first-come first-serve generating law and this should not be.

4.Parents and guardians would no longer believe or have trust in NYSC due to the unbalanced calculation and time consumed factor…

5. There had never been a time in the history of National Youth Service (since established by Late Yakubu Gowon in 1970s) when two streams of the same Batch had POP on different dates. This is a tradition which we need to maintain and follow for this scheme to remain meaningful and helpful as set up.
To conclude, I wish to remind you that the Batch B, stream 1 enjoyed a total break of November and December after they left the camp in November which was not given to the stream 2 as both streams resumed at their various Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) on the same date (January 2016). In the light of the above, an injury to one is an injury to all. OnThisNoteISay, NYSC MUST NOT FALL, OUR HEROES LIVE ON…

NIGERIANS SAY NO to separate POP of Batch B. 2015 and thereafter…


*National Associated of Nigerian Students (NANS)

*National Ass. Of Nigerian Comrades (NANC)

*Nigerian ex-Corps Members

*National Youth Service Corps members (NYSC) etc…

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