This Chelsea fan not only broke down in tears after Arsenal traumatic experience,  he also broke his TV set

​A Chelsea fan was left so devastated by the 3-0 defeat to Arsenal that he broke down in tears on a live show.

Diego Costa and Gabriel in an argument during the London derby

Robbie Savage, who hosts a football show on BBC Radio 5 live, asked fans to call in to reflect on the comprehensive victory for the Gunners team.

Goals from Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil were so powerful that it left Bill, the Chelsea supporter in conversation with Savage, in tears and questioning the appointment of Antonio Conte at the beginning of the season.

‘Oh, you sound a bit depressed Bill,’ Savage says with almost a comedy tone after Bill says hello.

‘Yeah, I’ve stopped watching now but it’s a disgrace lads,’ Bill responds in a wobbling voice.

‘We finished 10th last season, lads. The summer recruitment was so poor, apart from Kante of course.

A dressing down of new signing Marcos Alonso coupled with a dismissive reaction to misfiring Belgian attacker Michy Batshuayi leads Bill on to David Luiz.

‘David Luiz. [long pause]. Sideshow Bob at the back,’ Says Bill after a long sigh.

Better to leave that one alone, Bill.

But wait Bill, do you think Chelsea hired the right manager in Conte?

‘No, not at all,’ he responds defiantly

‘What did he do at Italy? Come on, playing football is so easy. We should have been going for someone way better than Conte,’ Bill adds.

To add insult to the already injured Bill, it turns out that he can’t even forget about the sight of Arsenal ripping his beloved Chelsea to pieces by watching some television because he smashed up his set in anger.

Oh Bill.


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