10 funny things Nigerians search for on Google

As many Google users already know, the company bases their suggestions off things people have actually searched for, and sometimes, things can get a bit strange.

10. strange_google_searches

Starting off, we have the lonely Facebook users who decide to friend all attractive girls on the social network, even if they have no mutual friends, and wonders why they don’t reply to their advances. Continue reading to see more.

9. 4299307_google01snuizo_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png0414b16bf6b5cca57cb8533982682049

This person wants to know how to make love o!

8. 4299314_google05p1pimi_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_pngecee2bbca80459725060127d15b6ffe7

Who killed Jesus?…why not take a trip to Jerusalem.

7. 4299318_google11knobok_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png9decdea3d24053f5bb5ec7255d757efd

Okay, we can relate with this one sha because we need helpers too.

6. 4299320_google12jvawid_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png31ac60aeae1a8053e2420b0ea124cd68

But this helper question is getting out of hand sha.

5. 4299323_google09edumh9_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png36a36f2baa4565264a625746529c017e-1

People, this is actually a serious question.

4. 4299327_google13bhmxjm_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png0f8369bf2ae78dae557e2b373a0a4369

So this one wants to get away with a murderer. Wait, what?

3. 4299329_google18refqg3_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png5af9d0278282b96c79d12b93bd2598fe

Someone wants to become the flash, another wants to be a virgin again.

2. 4299331_google19sv2tlv_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png258e0ed5f9f6900c10ed4c0784d59abc

But really, how can we be sure the bible is true?

1. 4299340_google20p7cmmt_png3fiorgserviceidinternal5937162807977033bafoeb0h83ckdflpb_png74b263064d72c9d6b8608609b9027135

This is the only one we all care about.


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