Groom allows other men to fond his bride’s boob in order to generate funds for honeymoon

Bizarre footage has emerged of a Chinese newlywed allowing guests to molest her during the ceremony – apparently to raise money for her honeymoon.

Video said to have been captured in northern China shows male revellers lining up and paying to grope the ‘bride’ during the wedding festivities. The funds collected were reportedly then used to pay for the happy couple’s honeymoon.
However, the identity of the woman is not yet known and some of those who viewed the video online suggested she was in fancy dress and that the footage was taken in a Thai cabaret night club filled with Chinese tourists.
On each occasion, her ‘wedding dress’ is pulled down before she appears to pose for photos with those who are manhandling her.
The first man to appear in the film can be seen handing over cash before standing behind the bride and clamping his hands around her breasts while guests carry on dancing in the background.
She then turns around and pulls up her dress before pulling the guest’s head down towards her chest while others take pictures.
Seconds later, she turns to a second man who hands over cash before starting to grope her.
It is not yet known exactly where the video was captured.

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