(Photos) Money Ritual: Man kept girlfriend inside water tank for 8 months unfed; See her look thereafter

The lady in the picture below was a lover to the suspect on handcuffs chain. The unidentified lady was reportedly found after eight months inside a tank where her boyfriend kept her for money ritual at a location in Surulere,  Lagos,  Nigeria. 

fb_img_1477032070442 fb_img_1477032064673

According to source,  she was being fed only twice in a week,  miraculously, she was able to stay alive till her rescuer came through.

Source,  who is an eye-witness,  while narrating the incident said,  the man’s house maid, noticed that her boss always looked inside one particular tank in his house and out of curiosity the lady (house maid) decided to check the tank after 8 months and behold found this dehydrated lady inside the tank and alerted the police who came for her rescue while the idiot was arrested.

May God help our sister’s and loved ones, never to fall into this kind of devilish situation.



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