(Photos) Jude Okoye, Peter and Paul on display at One African Music Fest in Houston , US

The trio of Paul,  Peter and Jude were pictured together on there way to the One African Music Fest event center which held in Houston,  yesterday. 


So True recalls that Jude was in March, 2016,  ask to step aside as the group’s manager by his younger brother Peter,  following crisis that eschewed between both of them.

However,  this development has further confirmed that Jude is back as their manager, hence, P Square is back together as one, and ready to dish out more quality music.

The photos below was posted on their official Facebook page, with the following caption:

fb_img_1477289028731 fb_img_1477289023302 fb_img_1477289007633 fb_img_1477289002775

Its been a great evening here, live at the One African Music Fest in Houston USA.

Before any performances, we always give our heavenly father the glory and pray for a successful and energetic  performance that will wow the crowd, well guess today we did it once more. we thank all our fans for the supports and definitely we are coming with something more bigger to lit up the stage. #waitforit #teampsquare #family


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