Ondo Gov poll; Don’t sell us to Northerners, group warns PDP candidate Jimoh Ibrahim

A group, Ondo Young Leaders in Diaspora, A Pan-African Organisation of Ondo Youths, has sent a warning to the Modu Sheriff’s faction of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate in the state, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim over the political crisis rocking the state, saying he should beware of trading the state into the hands of political merchants.

Jimoh Ibrahim

The group, in a statement by its President, Tomide Akinribido, warned  Mr Ibrahim to be careful of allowing himself be used as a tool in the hands of the trio, the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, Works minister, Babatunde Fashola, his Solid mineral counterpart Kayode Fayemi whom it accused of conniving with Jimoh to sell some facilities belonging to the state.

Akinribido said the press statement is necessary having read the revelation made public by an online newspaper, on how Jimoh Ibrahim cut a deal with the trio to sell Ore power plant, The Dome and other Ondo state’s assets to him.

“It is of great importance to issue this press statement at this time when our attention has been drawn to this revelation by an online newspaper,  on how controversial businessman Jimoh Ibrahim, knowing full well that he cannot win an election, wants to cause distraction and commotion within the ruling party in the state with an intent to give way to the APC candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu, being an ally of the trio and get as compensation, governor Mimiko’s projects, The new International Event Centre, The Dome, in Akure, and the 80% near completion Ore power plant, which is targeted to serve the proposed Industrial estate in that region, besides fixing his un-abating court battle with the Asset Management Company (AMCON), having accepted to play their script.”

Akinribido said “Jimoh Ibrahim has no good record either as public or private figure, and always wanting to gain cheap public attention not minding its outcome.”

“Jimoh is a charlatan and a self-centred person whose joy is tied around causing problems and killing whatever he touches. This is why people call him ‘Jimoh the Undertaker’. He will do anything for money not minding whose ox is gored so far it doesn’t affect him.”

“Jimoh is surely getting fortunes from all these brouhaha orchestrated and sponsored by these three people to alleviate his bankruptcy at the detriment of the people and future of his own birth place, Ondo state,” he said.

Continuing, Akinribido said, “If he (Jimoh), a swindler who claimed a billionaire, could not help or invest in his state, at least, he shouldn’t toy with the peace and inheritance of the people and future of the state. The only two edifices he has in Akure, the state capital, NICON HOUSE, at the heart of Isikan is in a sorry state due to its dilapidated state, while the Energy gas station along Ilesha road is nothing to write home about.”

“We are not surprised that Jimoh would involve in a deal that will see him trade his name, birthright and birthplace because he has never helped, either in partnership with the state government or as an individual, develop a program to further elevate the state but always at the centre of whatever could destabilize the peace of the state” Akinribido said.

The association also sent a warning signal to the Kaduna state governor and the two federal ministers to be mindful of being driven by their interest that can disrupt the peace and tranquility of the sunshine state.

“This is 2016, 2019 is still three years from now. We think governor El-Rufai and his minister brothers, Babatunde Fashola and Kayode Fayemi, should be busy with how to give good account of stewardship after they vacate office, there are many problems bedeviling their constituencies and Nigeria than thinking of 2019.”

“Candidly, the overzealous trio have been running the show since the APC rigged their way into power having successfully shoved aside many bigwigs of the party including the benefactor and godfather of the two ministers. The newspaper also confirmed  that these men are interested in this whole scenario because of 2019 presidential election where the Kaduna state governor is nursing to contest the presidential seat while either of the two present federal ministers and former governors is hoping to be his running mate” Akinribido explained.

The young leaders thereby appealed to the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal government to call the trio to order, saying they should not involve themselves in whatever that can cause any form of violence that will breach the peace of Ondo state.

“We call on President Muhammad Buhari to warn his ministers and Kaduna state governor, to face their work and stop meddling in the affairs of other people. Nigerians want to see the outcome of the office they have been entrusted with and not sponsoring political violence that could rob our state of its peace and fortune,” he said.



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