Facebook owner Zuckerberg, reacts to Trump’s election victory

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg joins list influential persons in the world that has  reacted to Donald Trump’s victory at the US Presidential poll.


But Zuckerberg’s reaction which was post on his official Facebook page came with respective to his 11-month-old daughter Max.

Zuckerberg in the post prays that the new regime will bring about more positive change and development to the world,  so that the new generation in which Max belongs will have a better place to live in.

His post reads:

Last night was Max’s first election. She’s got a lot of election nights ahead of her.

Holding Max, I thought about all the work ahead of us to create the world we want for our children. This work is bigger than any presidency and progress does not move in a straight line. The most important opportunities of Max’s generation — like curing all disease, improving education, connecting everyone and promoting equal opportunity — will take long term focus and finding new ways for all of us to work together, sometimes over decades.

We are all blessed to have the ability to make the world better, and we have the responsibility to do it. Let’s go work even harder.


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