Fayose slams Buhari on his birthday; Says he lacks ideas and looks confused

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State in his usual style lash out at President Muhammadu Buhari over his seemingly inability to find solution to myriad of problems confronting the nation, saying the President and his party lack ideas and appeared confused on how best to alleviate the people’s suffering.

buhari and fayose

“Unfortunately, Muhammadu Buhari cannot find solution to hunger, unemployment, depressed economy and insecurity in the country because he is bereft of the ideas,” Mr. Fayose was quoted.

According to him: “Nigerians should brace up to change the change because the right leader, the right president is yet to come. What we have now is aberration, ” the governor asserted”.fayose-buhari-copy

“If you are in PDP, you are a pen robber, but if you gate-crashed into APC, you become a saint automatically.‎ Within one and half year, the APC government grounded the economy”

Fayose who turns 56 on Tuesday added that total reliance on God was his power and nothing else, and that not repaying evil for any evil done him has remained the secret of his continuous victory against all odds put on his way by enemies.

Citing a Biblical injunction to buttress his claims: “. Phillipians Chapter 4 verse 13, says I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Jesus Christ is my strength. If I am talking, If I am heard, if I could not be cowed or suppressed, If I am providing good governance to Ekiti people who elected me as their governor, If I am providing good leadership to people, it is because I have Christ as my strength and truly in him, I can do all things.”

Speaking through his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Idowu Adelusi, the Governor who reflected on the rough journey of his life while addressing members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly during a closed door meeting at the Government House in Ado Ekiti yesterday, said though his road had been bumpy but because he was a man of destiny he had never lost any battle: ”

Let this be known, I wasn’t born with silver spoon but with wood spoon in mouth, my struggle in the journey of life , founded on truth, hard work and ‎firm believe in God, landed me where I am today.

” I remember God telling me never to avenge, but do well to all manners of men. In doing so, lies my victory and progress.”

Fayose said his return to power was beyond human comprehension, saying the stone which was rejected by the builder became strong pillar of the house.

Governor Fayose who went down memory lane about the conspiracy of 2006 against him by the then members of the state House of Assembly which saw to his sudden, un-celebrated but undeserved exit from the seat of power by an impeachment later dismissed as illegitimate by the Supreme Court, admonishing the current lawmakers, saying: “The traitors of yesterday, where are they now.? God said in Psalm 68 verse 6, …but the rebellious dwell in dry land. God also said those who pay evil with evil, evil will never depart from their house. These messages are warnings to traitors, ” he warned.

Speaking about his performance in two years in office, Fayose said he had pact with Ekiti people to transform the state, adding that he had ideas up his sleeve but has been hampered by time and finance.

However, the Governor said: ” I will complete the flyover, King’s Market, Judiciary building, new governor’s office, Ikere – Ado road dualised and other projects going on at the local governments, ” and urged Ekiti people to continue to support him and ignore the lies of APC about him.


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