Five (5) importance factors you need to consider before buying your new phone

The technology world is rapidly changing everyday,  especially in the production of mobile gadget. So many features and specifications of most mobile phones and devices have taken a new look, because of massive effort by manufacturers to outshine each other in the highly competitive mobile gadgets market. 


Due to one or two changes in the tech market today, it is important to note very important things before buying any tech product.

The followings are some of the things you should take not of before purchasing that new phone or tablet :

1. The Phone’s Battery Life

How long a phone will last will in terms of power, determines how well you would use it. Sincerely, if my phone battery life is short it would really discouraged me from using it always because anytime I am using it I would be thinking of how to charge, but what if I am in a place where electricity is poor? Of course you can advise that I get a Power Bank, but seriously get a power bank, when major battery spoilers now in the tech markets are power banks. This is the more reason the first thing and most important thing you note before buying any phone is the battery life, or as some may put it battery capacity. Now what type of battery capacity are we taking about, well I might be more direct on Android phones here because iPhone and Blackberry batteries are very good and compatible with the sort of phone produced for, but many have issues with Android phones, mostly though because Android phones do run lots of applications simultaneously because of course Android is all about applications so because of this the battery might tend to drain faster compared to iPhone or Blackberry devices. When looking at the battery capacity of any phone before buying it, make sure the battery capacity specification is at least 2000 or 2500 mAh minimum, with such battery capacity specification, you should expect a phone usage of 6-8 hours even with browsing, watching of movies and musics.

2. The Phone’s Camera Quality

The second most important thing to note before buying any phone is the camera quality. We all like good picture qualities and great snapshots to upload on our social media pages. Though, some persons may want to write off Camera as an important consideration, but the reality is that you can’t talk about a phone without placing emphasis on its camera quality. No matter how you looks to you,  camera quality is essential, as a point in time, you will need to take some important photos like files or documents to upload instead of scanning them and now the quality of the phone’s camera comes to play. So what are you going to do? Borrow A phone? Its advisable to look at the camera quality before you buy any smartphone, camera specification should be at least 8MP megapixel rear or back camera and also 2MP front camera and with Flash enabled too.

3. The Size Of Phone Display Screen

The third factor you need to put on the table, when buying any phone is the screen size, visual experience plays a crucial role in identifying the quality of an item. This makes screen size a significant feature to search for when purchasing either mobile phone or a tablet. An ideal screen to some extent can overshadow the flaws in a design. Screen is also the single most costly and crucial hardware part in a smartphone and tablet. It is also cool when playing games and watching movies, you would love a very wide screen foe that. So the minimum screen size you should go for on any phone is at least 4.5″ inch.

4. The Phone’s Memory Capacity

Another very important thing to note before buying any phone is the phone’s memory capacity. A phone with a very low memory will not be enjoyable . The two types of a memory in a phone is RAM and ROM, the RAM is one important stuff you have to check out, it helps a lot as with a very large RAM on your phone you can open as many applications simultaneously with experiencing problems on phone hangs or speed.

Well, a minimum of a 2GB RAM is best for any phone you are going to buy but though 1GB is not bad too.

For the ROM, this is the storage/phone memory, its very important to store files on your phone for mobile accessibility and also with a huge ROM, more files can be stored, movies, pictures, musics and a whole lot more. Make sure you choose a phone with a ROM of at least 16GB.

5. The Phone’s Price

Lastly on the very important things to note before buying any phone, is the price of the phone. Most people believe that perhaps the price should come first, but its better when it comes last because when ever one sees a phone especially Internet users, we first checkout the various specifications like those listed above, before one even can check the price. So the price is the last stuff to deal with as it finalise the deal.

Well, depending on the location or country, prices may range for different products, so its advisable to compare prices of similar phones to the one you are considering to buy, then you can now know if its okay to purchase it!


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