Northerners accuse Fayemi of marginalisation; They allege that he is executing a Yoruba agenda in his ministry

A petition has has been written against Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. kayode Fayemi, accusing him of executing a policy designed to marginalize Northerners in the ministry for the sole benefit of the Southwest geo-political zone.

Minister of Mine and Steel Development,  Dr. kayode Fayemi
Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi

The public petition addressed which was signed by one Joshua Yilnung and Halidu Gimba, was addressed to President Muhammad Buhari.

The petition called on the President to stop the minister’s undisguised nepotism and sectionalism in the ministry before they cause greater disharmony.

According to the petitioners, Dr. Fayemi, in concert with ethnic affiliates in the ministry, is working on a plot to implicate Directors-General of Northern extraction in the ministry. The aim of the plot, explained the petitioners, is to create vacancies in their positions to be filled by people from the southwest, where the minister hails from.

“Indeed Nigerians of other extractions do not find favor in the Ministry of Mines and Steel other than southwesterners,” alleged the petition.

The D-G of the Jos-based National Metallurgical Development Centre has been battling with crisis at the center.

The crisis is alleged to have been instigated by Dr. Fayemi, who was said to have pushed some staff to write a petition containing 17 workers’ union issues against the DG, who was not even served the petition.

However, only three of the issues were related to the union, while the others were “frivolous” and were meant to be used by Dr. Fayemi to remove the DG and replace him with a Yoruba man.

“The management crises, sectionalism and nepotism are detailing the ministry from its core objectives and making a mockery of the anti-corruption fight by the present administration and are injurious to the country’s unity and national cohesion,” the petitioners argued.


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