Woman spends N500,000 on plastic surgery to get dimples to look like her son

A woman has reportedly spent £1,300 (over N500,000),on surgery in order to get ‘cute’ dimples like her 11-year-old son.


AJ Weir, a beauty blogger who is based near Lutton, Lincolnshire, has always wanted a dimple since she was a little girl and now, thanks to the invention of cosmetic surgery, she has achieved her dream.

The 44-year-old always believed that her friend who had dimples got their way often using the charm it brought them and she wanted in on some the magic.

 Daily Mirror reports that Weir began some intensive research into the dimple surgery called dimpleplasty 10 years ago and has now carried out the one-hour long surgery in London giving her dimples on both sides of her face.

Weir was undeterred by the costs of the cosmetic procedure, the potential risks or the criticisms that trailed her decision.

The married mum who has previously undergone breast augmentation surgery, told Daily Mirror: “For a long time, I wanted dimples. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think they are really cute.

“If somebody has dimples, I will try to stick my finger in their face. It’s really weird, but I just love them. I see them as a sign of being cute.”


Speaking about the procedure, Weir said, “I was totally awake the whole time. It was a bit like going to the dentist.

“They inject the outside and the inside of your cheek and they pack your mouth open, but all you can feel is pressure.”


Weir was able to leave the hospital the same day to show off her latest achievement to her 36-year-old husband, Jacob, who is a builder.

“Afterwards, it’s not pretty. You can see that you have got dimples but they look like craters in your face and I had an external stitch.

“The surgery itself was painless and because you’ve not had a general anaesthetic, you don’t feel groggy afterwards.

“I did start to swell up and looked a bit like a chipmunk, so I got some funny looks on the train. Over the next few days, the swelling started to go down and the bruising came out a lot more. It started to become quite sore and painful, but I never regretted having it done.”

About a month later, Weir’s friends and colleagues started to notice the difference.

She said: “Most people say I’m absolutely bonkers to have had it done. I went back to work the next day and I did get some funny looks. Within two weeks, people said I looked really good and that I had healed so well.

“Some people do notice that I have dimples now and didn’t before, but there’s no point going through all that if people don’t see them.

“My husband and my son think I’m absolutely bonkers and I can understand that. I can agree that is unnecessary to an extent – it’s not going to make me more successful, but it was just something that I wanted.

“I’m delighted with the results and a lot of people have told me they want it done too. My dimples look really natural. You wouldn’t think that I’ve had surgery.”

Just how badly do you want those dimples over your butt or six packs?


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