As MMM leaves Nigeria for Ghana, Ultimate Cycle bounced back

Popular wonder bank, MMM has landed Ghana after its alleged crash in Nigeria. This expansion is taking place after over three million Nigerians were left downcast by the decision of the ponzi scheme to freeze their accounts.


MMM is convincing members of the public in Ghana to ride on the success of the scheme in Nigeria.

In a post, the Ponzi scheme stated that: “2017 Is Going To Be A Great Year Of Success As The MMM Train Is Finally Here”, referring to MMM Ghana. The scheme promised Ghanaians to join “The Donation Club” that helps to create wealth by getting back an extra 30% return.

“Donate GHC100, Receive A Donation Of GHC130 After 30 Days. This Created Massive Wealth For Nigerian, Its Now Here In Ghana.

“Nigerians Are Joining The Ghana Platform To Spread Their Wealth”, the statement reads.

Meanwhile,  Weeks after another money doubling schemes worldwide, Ultimate Cycler, allegedly crashed, it has been relaunched.


SO TRUE authoritatively confirmed that the site, which denied participants login access, was active on Friday, up till the time of filing this report.

Participants, December 1 were thrown into panic as report surfaced that the site had crashed.

Members were shut out and could not gain access into their account.

The founder, Peter Wolfing confirmed ‘the return’ on Saturday on his Facebook page.

He announced that the site transfer had been completed, even as he advised people not to be alarmed during this time as his team has been working around the clock and is happy they are in the final stages.

According to him, the scheme has broken every record in the industry for new members and growth in a 30 day period.

“In most cases more than most companies grow in 10 years, 2017 will be your year to make this happen as a team.”

The new development has, however, sparked up controversies on the social media as some participants have complained they are yet to be paid after investing and are demanding to be paid.



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